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What are the Operation matters of high frequency induction heating equipment?

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High frequency induction heating equipment operating specifications that should be paid special attention to in daily operation:

  1. There must be more than two people to operate the high-frequency induction heating equipment, and the person in charge of the operation must be designated. Wear insulating shoes, insulating gloves, and other prescribed protective equipment.
  2. The operator must be familiar with the operating procedures of high-frequency induction heating equipment. Before starting the machine, check whether the cooling system of the equipment is normal. Power can be transmitted only after it is normal, and the operation must be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures.
  3. All doors should be closed before work, and electrical interlocking devices should be installed on the doors to ensure that electricity cannot be sent before the doors are closed. After the high voltage is closed, do not move to the back of the machine at will, and it is strictly forbidden to open the door.
  4. The workpiece should be free of burrs, iron filings, and oil stains, otherwise, it is easy to cause arcing with the sensor during heating. The arc light generated by arcing will not only damage the eyesight but also easily damage the induction coil and damage the equipment.
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  1. High-frequency induction heat treating equipment should be kept clean, dry and dust-free. If abnormal phenomena are found during work, the high-voltage power should be cut off first, and then checked and eliminated. There must be a special person to overhaul the high-frequency equipment. After opening the door, first discharge the anode, grid, capacitor, etc. with an electric rod, and then start the overhaul.
  2. When using CNC hardening machine tools, the safety regulations concerning electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic transmission should be observed. When moving the hardening and quenching machine tool, it should be prevented from falling.
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