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What Are the Purpose and Advantages of Quenching Induction Heat Treatment?

  Induction quenching is generally used in modern machinery manufacturing. For example, steel parts in automobiles, airplanes, and rockets are almost always subjected to a quenching process. In order to meet the different needs of various parts, there are various types of quenching processes, such as partial, overall, and surface induction quenching. ; Complete induction quenching and incomplete quenching; graded quenching, isothermal quenching and underspeed quenching, etc.;

  Due to the limitations of various quenching methods, induction quenching is the most common application now. Induction quenching refers to the use of electromagnetic induction to generate eddy currents in the workpiece to heat the workpiece. The purpose of quenching is mainly to enhance the strength, hardness, toughness, wear resistance, and plasticity of steel.

What are the advantages of induction hardening? Why is it commonly used?

  1. The heat source of induction heating and quenching exists on the surface of the workpiece and the heating rate is fast and the thermal efficiency is very high;
  2. Induction heating can locally heat the workpiece, and a higher heating temperature can deform the surface and core of the workpiece at the same time, so the workpiece deformation is small and the production efficiency is high;
  3. Due to the short induction heating time, the amount of oxidative decarburization on the workpiece surface is small
  4. The induction heating equipment has a high degree of automation, and the equipment is compact and easy to use;
  5. After induction hardening, the hardness and wear resistance of the workpiece surface will be greatly improved, and the notch sensitivity will be reduced, which can save material consumption and increase the service life of parts;

  The industrial-grade induction hardening equipment developed by ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN has served and helped many companies solve problems, such as ejector rod quenching, camshaft quenching, tool quenching, customer gear high-frequency quenching projects, valve lifter high-frequency quenching projects, a certain S Shaft quenching projects, optical shaft high-frequency quenching projects, etc. These are all cases of high-frequency quenching that our company has done.

High frequency induction hardening applications:

What Is Purpose and Advantages of Quenching Induction Heat Treatment 2

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