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What is digital intelligent IGBT induction heating machine?

  The intelligent platform of Zhengzhou KETCHAN’s all-digital induction heating system takes the induction heating power supply as the main management object, and at the same time intelligently manages the peripheral collaborative equipment of the power supply. The entire management system of the company realizes the automation, semi-automation and high quality of customer products, which can be produced repeatedly.

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Highlights technology of the all-digital intelligent induction heating system

  The all-digital induction heating system is based on an IGBT variable frequency power supply controlled by DSP or ARM. Resonant frequency automatic tracking (frequency conversion adaptive range 1-50Khz), frequency conversion adaptive. When the process is adjusted or the load changes, without manual intervention, the power supply can automatically track the frequency and automatically jump to the optimal resonant frequency of the load;

Load automatic matching technology (variable load adaptation). When the load changes, the power supply can adapt itself for step-less adjustment (the adjustment range is 10-100%). There is no need to manually adjust power or control power through external devices. Our fully automatic intelligent IGBT variable frequency induction power supply has a strong linkage between power, temperature, and load. Through the automatic regulation of power, temperature, and load, accurate and stable control of heating temperature can be achieved;

  High speed and high precision to achieve temperature closed loop, and can be heated according to the set temperature process curve, and the implementation accuracy is 1%;

digital intelligent IGBT induction heating machine 2

  Unified management, operation, and control of power peripheral equipment. For example: quenching machine tools, stepping systems, servo systems, industrial robots, manipulators, etc. From both hardware and software aspects, ensure the unification of various equipment, realize systematic linkage and compatibility, and ensure the best matching degree of equipment and process;

  Quality monitoring system and quality traceability function. In the form of a database, the events occurring during the operation, including operations, data parameters, faults, alarms, product batches, operator numbers, etc., are fully recorded, and historical data and curves can be quickly searched to analyze the causes of quality problems and ways to improve;

  Process customization and process parameter control. The all-digital intelligent variable frequency power supply can integrate parameters into the user’s manufacturing system and quality control system. Users can modify and compile the processing technology according to the technical requirements of processing. The power supply reserves the RS485 interface on the motherboard, which can be printed or downloaded at any time;

  Remote communication operation, monitoring, and control. With the popularity of mobile Internet terminals. The all-digital intelligent variable frequency power supply system can be directly operated and controlled by a mobile phone. DSP/ARM processor collects massive data of operating parameters (such as voltage, current, frequency, power, temperature curve, bit amount, and speed), and transmits it to mobile phones, industrial computers, numerical control systems, notebook computers, PCs through the Internet Console, remote control room, operate, monitor and control on the corresponding terminal;

  Fast and reliable, comprehensive protection system. The all-digital intelligent variable frequency power supply is based on the powerful computing power and embedded software system of DSP/ARM, which can realize fast, comprehensive, and reliable protection of the power supply. Especially for major equipment crises such as short circuits, ignition, overcurrent, and other major equipment crises can be reliably protected, without frying the IGBT, and without burning the main components such as the rectifier bridge and capacitor. When the equipment fails, the screen will display the content of the failure, and you can query the corresponding troubleshooting methods. Quickly judge and handle without relying on the technical level and experience of personnel;

Process undertakes execution and control. The all-digital intelligent variable frequency power supply platform is aimed at various process types of customers, such as brazing, quenching, melting, forging and other individual process requirements. For another example, various process parameters (frequency, temperature, speed, bit signal, visual signal, motion signal) can be intelligently connected. It can realize editing, modify processing parameters, and store them for calling and printing at any time.

  These are the main features of Zhengzhou KETCHAN’s digital intelligent IGBT induction heating machine, If you want to know more, contact us now!!!

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