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Why Choose Induction Brazing Not Flame Brazing?

1. Labor Cost

  There are some workpieces with thin walls. When flame brazing is performed, it is necessary to have high requirements on workers to ensure the induction welding effect. Senior flame welders are a headache for corporate recruitment. The fluidity and personal skill level of flame welders are uneven, which will seriously affect the production of the enterprise, and in the case of more serious cases, it will lead to the loss of customers and the loss of profits for the enterprise;

2. Good environment

  The use of flame brazing will have a great negative impact on the production environment, and will produce environmental hazards such as flue gas, high temperature, open flame, noise, etc., which will make the working environment worse; the working environment of induction brazing is clean and hygienic without high temperature.

Induction Brazing

Why Choose Induction Brazing Not Flame Brazing 1

3. Energy-saving

  The use of artificial flame welding will increase the waste rate of solder, and the fuel cost is also an expensive expense, which needs to be replaced by a more energy-efficient induction brazing production method;

4. Energy Consumption Contrast

Table 1 Comparison of energy consumption between flame brazing and induction brazing

Brazing Method

Flame brazing

Induction brazing

energy name

liquefied gas



consumption per hour



4 units

Working time ratio




Accounting unit price




Daily cost (8 hours)



32 Yuan

Annual cost (300 days)

106000 Yuan


9600 Yuan

Table 2 Comparison of solder consumption between manual soldering and induction brazing

welding material

Manual brazing

High frequency brazing

Solder form



Quantity welded per kg

About 2000 Pieces

About 3000 Pieces

Flame Brazing

Why Choose Induction Brazing Not Flame Brazing 2

5. The benefits of Induction Brazing:

(1). The welding process is equipped to reduce the dependence on manual technology, and the licensed flame welder can be replaced by ordinary operators, which reduces the burden of safety and annual certification on the enterprise.

(2). The advantages of induction brazing are not obvious when the workpiece is small and there are few pipelines. However, the induction brazing welding process is that the equipment is automatically welded without manual operation, and another piece of equipment can be operated by using the welding time so that one person can operate two welding machines at the same time. This can further improve product quality.
(3). According to the data in the above figure, the annual energy saving is 10.6-9600=100,000 Yuan.

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