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Why use gas shielding for high frequency induction brazing?

  When the metal is heated to a high temperature in general, the oxygen in the air will oxidize the metal surface to form an oxide scale. The presence of oxides hinders the brazing process in order to eliminate oxides and clean the surface of the part. In the process of brazing, we can protect the parts by the following measures.

  1. Soldering Flux

  Flux not only enhances the fluidity of solder, but also prevents oxidation, but the use of flux has a limited anti-oxidation effect and cannot guarantee that the entire part will not be oxidized. If we need to ensure that the whole part is not oxidized, we can adopt vacuum brazing and gas-shielded welding.

  1. Vacuum high frequency brazing

  One of the advantages of high-frequency induction brazing is that it can be brazed ina  vacuum. Since there is no oxygen involved in vacuum high-frequency brazing, the metal will not undergo oxidation reaction, and no flux is required to ensure the welding effect. As long as our parts choose the right one to meet the specification requirements of vacuum welding. As long as the time is certain, we can guarantee that the induction brazing quality of all parts is exactly the same.

  1. Gas shielded induction welding

  Gas shielded welding is often used for furnace brazing, and furnace brazing is a common brazing method. However, the advantages and disadvantages of brazing in the furnace are obvious. For example the equipment is expensive, furnace brazing requires long heating and cooling times, and the cost of welding small batches of products is high. With the development of brazing technology, the maturity of high-frequency brazing technology has greatly reduced the cost of gas-shielded welding!

High frequency induction brazing advantages:

  The advantage of high-frequency induction brazing lies in its flexibility, the production tasks can be arranged at any time according to the production plan, the requirements for labor skills are low, the equipment occupies a small area, and the use and maintenance costs are low. As long as our equipment is reasonably selected and in accordance with the welding specifications, the effect of brazing in the furnace can be achieved, or even better!

Case Sharing - High Frequency Brazing of Air Conditioning Solenoid Valves

Why use gas shielding for high frequency induction brazing 2

  The air conditioner solenoid valve is a key component to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner. The welding quality of the solenoid valve is mainly evaluated from the following aspects: appearance, whether there is oxide scale or discoloration, whether there are burns, solder accumulation, solder penetration, whether there are pores, whether there is virtual welding, etc. In the actual use of the solenoid valve, the outer oxide scale will affect the appearance of the parts, and the inner oxide scale will affect the welding quality, resulting in abnormal function. After analysis, whether there is oxide scale or discoloration has become the key factor affecting the success or failure of this welding. For this reason, we have designed a set of special high-frequency induction brazing equipment for the welding of solenoid valves. After actual use at the customer site, this set of equipment can effectively ensure welding quality, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Why use gas shielding for high frequency induction brazing 1


  Gas shielded high-frequency induction brazing is a brazing process to avoid oxidation during the welding process of parts. It has the advantages of flexible use, low labor requirements, low maintenance, and use costs, and can achieve ideal welding under the premise of proper use. The effect is a very reliable brazing process. However, there are still some factors in the welding process that will lead to welding failure if not considered properly. For example selection of welding power source, heating process control, selection of solder, design, and selection of fixtures, selection of shielding gas, the flow rate of shielding gas, choice of cooling medium, spray angle of cooling medium, opening timing, etc. All are closely related to the final welding effect.

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High Frequency Induction Brazing Effect Display

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