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Induction Hardening Of Wheels 1

Induction Hardening of Wheels

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYByhq-zMZw   Induction hardening of wheels is a process of heating and quenching the surface of gear wheels to increase their hardness and wear resistance. Induction heating utilizes an electromagnetic field to generate heat in a conductive material without contact

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Induction Heating for Upsetting Pipe Tubing End 01

Induction Heating for Upsetting Pipe Tubing End

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr420J0fE3s   Induction heating for upsetting pipe tubing ends is an ideal technology for your tube/pipe upsetting needs. It provides rapid and even heating of the tube/pipe end for maximum upsetting quality. Multiple parallel coils allow for higher production rates

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Induction welding process of rail

Induction Welding Machine for Rail

This set of induction heating equipment is specially made for welding rail. Equipment power: 80-160KW Input voltage: 380V 50Hz; It can be customized according to actual needs. Cable length: 5 meters of cable is standard. In actual use, the cable

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Dual Frequency Induction Hardening of Gears 1

Dual Frequency Induction Hardening of Gears

The principle of dual-frequency induction heating   Conventional (traditional) dual-frequency induction hardening is that two frequency power supplies are applied to two inductors respectively, and the gear needs to be preheated from the low-frequency inductor and quickly moved to another

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Induction Heating for Stator and Rotor Shrink Assembly

Advantages of Induction Heating

Low energy consumption. The actual billet heating thermal efficiency of induction melting furnace and induction diathermy furnace can reach 65% to 75%, while flame furnaces and various chamber furnaces are only about 30%. This type of induction heating furnace does

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