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What’s Induction melting?

   The induction melting furnace is based on the electromagnetic induction heating principle to work, through electromagnetic induction to generate heat, the heating speed is very fast. The general induction heating equipment is heated by the container, this, in turn, heats the material contained in the container and then achieves the purpose of heating the material in the container. But the induction melting furnace is direct induction heating of the material. Take an intermediate frequency induction melting furnace as an example, put the metal material into a quartz crucible, because of the electrical resistance in metal materials, A quartz crucible has no electrical resistance. When intermediate frequency alternating current passes through the induction coil, it creates dense magnetic field lines, cuts the metal materials held in the crucible in the induction coil, and instant heat and melts the metal. This heating effect, on the one hand, saves the heat transfer to the middle of the container when heating consumption, thus saving electricity; On the other hand, it also saves the time wasted in the heat transfer process, making the metal heat and melt faster, really saving time and energy, and energy-saving effect.

How to Choose The Right Induction Melting Furnace?

  When melting different kinds of materials will choose the different induction melting systems, in total, you can refer to the following standards to choose the suitable induction melting furnace.

  The relative power of high melting point in metal materials is larger, and the relative power of low melting point is smaller; Low resistivity selection of power, high resistivity selection of power is small. Also, the longtime continues working time, the larger the induction melting power should choose. The faster the heating speed requests, the need to choose larger induction melting furnace power levels.

  You can please let our team know your melting material and melting speed requests so that we can suggest you the complete induction melting systems. Thanks.

How to Maintain The Induction Melting Furnace During Operation?

  The various processes used in the furnace are also very important to the service life of the induction melting furnace, and any improper operation may reduce the service life of the medium frequency induction melting furnace. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to in the melting furnace operation process.

1). Because of the thin sintering layer of the new furnace, the application process of the new induction melting furnace is very important.

2). Try to avoid high smelting temperatures during the smelting process.

3). Avoid induction melting furnace lining overheating.

4). In the using process, due to failure and other reasons need to stop the melting furnace for a long time, the molten iron in the furnace should be emptied, to avoid the condensation of molten iron on the furnace lining crack and damage the furnace lining. When the molten iron cannot be emptied and the molten iron has condensed, the furnace should be disassembled for safety reasons when it is impossible to judge whether the furnace lining is intact.

5). Use a clean charge as far as possible, especially when starting the new induction melting system.

6). When stopping the melting furnace for cooling, in order to avoid sudden cooling of furnace lining, empty furnace air cooling should be carried out. At the same time, in order to avoid cracks caused by the excessive temperature difference between upper and lower parts of the furnace lining in the cooling process, the induction melting furnace cover should be covered, so that the furnace lining is uniform up and down during cooling, so as to ensure the service life of the medium frequency induction melting system.

7). Due to the inevitable occurrence of vertical cracks when the furnace is cold, therefore, when the cold induction melting furnace is started, the low temperature melting furnace should be the first, and then the melting, so that the crack can be closed first, to avoid the infiltration of molten iron into the crack to further expand the crack.

8). Should pay attention to observing the melting furnace condition in the operation process, observe the furnace condition is a kind of furnace protection method, every 3 days to measure the furnace, every day to observe the furnace wall, so as to ensure the safety of the induction melting equipment furnace lining.

9). Maintenance and maintenance of electric induction melting furnace equipment, such as frequent purge coil, cleaning sundry coil to prevent coil breakdown, so as to avoid the furnace disassembly caused by equipment failure, effectively improve the service life of the crucible.

Why Choose KETCHAN Induction Melting Equipment System?

  Working in the induction smelting industry for more than 20 years, in order to create more profit space for each of our users, Zhengzhou Kethan induction melting furnace equipment technology has been updated and iterated, and strives to better serve each of our users. For this, we developed an advanced induction melting system 1+2(One induction heating power supply+ and Two induction melting furnaces.). Compare to the traditional induction melting system, it has the unexpected convenience and power savings advantages as below:

  • The most energy saving, 20% less electricity than ordinary equipment.
  • No high harmonic, the highest power factor, the power factor can reach more than 95%, no reactive power compensation device, and harmonic elimination device.
  • One set induction melting machine power supply can work with one induction smelting furnace, one insulation refining furnace, the transformer utilization rate is high, can save half of the transformer capacity cost.
  • One with two electric melting furnaces, two induction melting furnaces can be cast at the same time, and also can supply molten steel casting continuously.
  • One with two electric melting furnaces, arbitrary power distribution, start rate of 100%.
  • Machine energy-saving: Two electric induction melting furnaces continuously alternate induction melting and heat preservation casting, running at the same time, can make the induction melting furnace power supply always run under full power, this one induction melting power supply with two induction melting furnaces working mode, greatly reduce the transformer capacity.  With a 5-ton furnace calculation, transformer capacity cost saves 800 thousand yuan a year.

What Is Induction Melting Furnace Application Fields?

  • Non-ferrous metal induction melting: mainly used in induction smelting steel, alloy steel, special steel, cast iron, and other ferrous metal materials as well as stainless steel, zinc, and other non-ferrous metal materials smelting, can also be used for copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal smelting and heating, heat preservation, and can be operated in tandem with the blast furnace.
  • Used to induction forging heating: used in bar, round steel, square steel, steel plate of the heating, temperature, quenching material on-line heating, local heating, metal forging online (such as connecting rod, gears, half shaft bearing forging), extrusion, hot rolling, shear heating, heat spraying, in front of the hot assembly and overall metal materials of tempering, annealing, tempering, etc.

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