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Induction Shrink Fitting (with pictures, videos, applications)

What’s Induction Shrink Fitting?

  When the induction shrink fitting machine is working, The flux generated by the induction heating coil passes through the magnet and the heated parts. The surface magnetic field intensity needed to be established in the workpiece can be determined by the power required to heat the workpiece to a certain temperature. The magnetic flux of the coil, the number of turns, and the current in the coil can be determined by the strength of the surface magnetic field. The cross-sectional area of the magnet is determined by the magnetic flux generated by the coil. The magnetic flux generated by the induction coil directly affects the strength of the magnetic field in the heated conductor. The magnetic flux produced by the coil must be no less than that required for the conductor to be heated to a certain temperature. When a cylindrical conductor is heated by induction in a helical coil, The total flux generated by the coil can be divided into three parts: the flux across the conductor section, the flux through the air gap between the coil and the conductor, and the flux across the coil section. When the coil material and structure size and the coil ends voltage and power supply frequency are constant, the coil turns number is inversely proportional to the total flux that the coil can produce. The more turns, the less magnetic flux the coil can produce, and vice versa, the more magnetic flux the coil can produce. Through calculating the coil current to determine whether the selected wire material and wire diameter can withstand the required current, to provide a theoretical basis for the selection of coil material. Zhengzhou Ketchan induction shrink fitting equipment is mainly used for induction heating various types of metal parts such as bearings, gears, coupling joints, wheel cores, and wheels of railway locomotives, and the wheel heater makes them expand to meet the needs of interference assembly or disassembly.

Why use Induction Shrink Fitting?

  Zhengzhou Ketchan induction shrink fitting machines are fully automatic, safe, energy-saving, and environmental protection effective modern induction heating products. Our induction shrink fitting machines have the following advantages.

  1. Induction shrink fittings do not need to heating the workpiece as a whole, can selectively heat the part, so as to achieve the less power consumption purpose, and the workpiece deformation is not obvious.
  2. The induction shrink fitting speed is fast, which can make the workpiece reach the required temperature in a very short time, even within 1 second. So that the workpiece surface oxidation and decarbonization are relatively slight, most of the workpieces do not need gas protection.
  3. The surface hardened layer can be regulated by adjusting the induction shrink fitting machine operating frequency and power as required. Therefore, the martensite structure of the hardened layer is fine, and hardness, strength, and toughness are relatively high.
  4. The workpiece, after the induction heater heat treatment process, there is a thick toughness area under the hard layer of the surface, with better compressive internal stress, so that the fatigue resistance and braking ability of the workpiece are higher.
  5. The induction shrink fitting equipment is easy to install on the production line, easy to realize mechanization and automation, easy to manage, can effectively reduce transportation, save manpower, and improve production efficiency.
  6. Can realize one machine multi-purpose. Not only can complete quenching, annealing, tempering, normalizing, tempering, and other heat treatment processes, but also can complete welding, melting, shrink fitting assembly, thermal disassembly, and diathermy forming, and other work.
  7. Easy to use, easy to operate, can be started or stopped at any time. And without induction preheating.
  8. Manual operation, semi-automatic and automatic operation; It can work continuously for a long time, or stop used randomly. It is conducive to the use of equipment in the preferential period of power supply through price.
  9. High power utilization rate, environmental protection, and energy saving, safe and reliable, good working conditions for workers, national advocate, and so on.

How to Select the Right Induction Shrink Fitting Machine?

  Have you ever been confused about how to choose the right induction heating machine for shrink-fitting? Because there are many types of induction heaters, I don’t know which type and model are suitable for my needs. In addition, the workpiece application is complicated, so I can’t determine my needs, and I can’t express clearly how to choose the most appropriate one when communicating with the manufacturer. Today as a manufacturer to help you solve this problem.

  1. Tell the induction shrink fitting machine manufacturer the detailed workpiece name and detailed parameters to be heated, let the manufacturer recommend the suitable induction shrink fitting machine then make a choice.
  2. Before purchasing the induction shrink fitting machine, first make sure the heated workpiece shape size range, bearing workpiece only need to confirm the bearing diameter range, and you can determine the specifications of the bearing heater; the Motor aluminum case (aluminum case) class needs to provide the case model or the inner diameter range of the case, can determine the specifications of the motor aluminum case induction heater model; Other parts should be selected according to the maximum outer diameter, width, inner diameter, and other parameters.
  3. If the manufacturer has special requirements or customized products, it is necessary to provide detailed workpiece dimensions or simple parts drawings. And indicate material, tolerance fit interference amount, temperature to be heated, assembly speed, power supply, whether the mobile operation is required, hoisting habit of the heavy workpiece before assembly, that is, whether the workpiece is heated horizontally or vertically, avoid repeatedly lifting workpiece to adjust assembly direction.
  4. For industries requiring high automation degree induction shrink fitting machine, such as the engine assembly line to determine whether automatic feeding, whether the main control components need imported brand configuration; For high-precision industries such as wind power and aviation, whether multiple cycles of heating at lower temperatures are needed to obtain more abundant surplus and so on.

What is Induction Shrink Fitting Equipment Application?

  Induction shrink fitting technology is widely used in the industries such as aerospace, automotive, and rail industries for all kinds of bearings, gears, bushings, and other metal interference parts for rapid heating assembly, and the loosen hot removal of stuck nuts or bolts. Zhengzhou Ketchan induction shrink fitting equipment has the characteristics of automatic temperature control, automatic alarm, automatic demagnetization, fast heating, no damage, no annealing, simple operation, convenience, and so on. It can be assembled in three minutes after electrification. Induction shrink fitting is mainly used for heating various types of metal parts such as bearings, gears, coupling joints, wheel cores, and wheels of railway locomotives, so as to expand them to meet the needs of interference assembly or disassembly. Our portable induction heating machine are used for shrink assembly tasks on ships and offshore platforms, and increasingly for mounting and removing giant nuts and bolts in power station turbines, as well as bearings and shafts in wind turbines.

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