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Preheating of steel plate welds in shipbuilding industry

Preheating of steel plate welds in shipbuilding industry

The induction coil (also called a heating sheet or heating blanket) of the electromagnetic induction heating machine is made of flexible cables. It can quickly heat 20-90mm thick steel plates to 300℃.

In the shipbuilding industry, due to the use of high-strength steel and some special steel materials, major classification societies have more stringent requirements for welding processes, and the thickness of many steel materials reaches more than 50mm. Electromagnetic induction heating equipment has quite obvious advantages. Its heating device is mainly a flexible module, which can be processed according to the different heating parts, The module fits better and can be applied to any position and any working condition of the shipyard. Its heating module itself does not generate heat, and there will be no scalding accidents caused by the negligence of operators.

The electromagnetic heating method is to directly generate electromagnetic induction and act on the steel plate, and the energy loss is extremely small, which makes the heating speed faster and the power consumption smaller. It can preheat the weld before welding, eliminate hydrogen after welding, heat treatment after welding, etc., and can effectively control the heating and slow cooling rate.

In the manufacture of large container ships and bulk carriers, it has been rapidly popularized due to its great advantages.

It is widely used in submerged arc butt welding of thick plates, heating of complex structures, welding heating of steel castings, heating of berth closing, and heating of leg structures of offshore platforms.

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