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Air Cooled Induction Heating System

1. It’s digital air cooled induction heating machine.
2. The heating process can be programmed.
3. No need water cooling device.
4. High control precision, digital design.
5. Wide frequency ranges and application fields.

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Air Cooling Induction Heating System Characteristics:

  • When working, air cooled induction heating system has no cooling water, no additional installation of cooling water system, flexible and easy to use.
  • Induction heating of hard-to-reach workpieces can be performed in an environment without cooling water in the field.
  • All-digital embedded control system.
  • Interactive man-machine interface
Air Cooled Induction Heating System 5

Technical data sheet:


Full air cooled induction heater/ Full air cooled induction heating system

Control model

DSP full digital control

Working mode

Manual mode, auto mode, temperature control mode

Working state display

Time, current, frequency, current time curve

Alarm interface

Over current,over voltage, lack phase,overload,loss control etc

Output power

20- 200KW



Input voltage

380V 440V 415V 480V can be customized

Input frequency


Input power factor


Cooling method

Full air cooled


  • Electromechanical maintenance industry

  Disassembly and installation of large mechanical and electrical equipment, such as the disassembly and hot assembly of large workpieces such as bearings, gears, sprockets, counter wheels, couplings, connecting shafts, balance shafts, and roller motor rotors;

  • Petrochemical industry

  Preheating of oil pipelines, thermal coating of pipelines, heating of oil storage tanks, etc.;

  • Preheating before welding, post welding heat treatment, hydrogen elimination treatment

  Preheating of pipelines before welding, mold preheating, hydrogen elimination after welding of pipelines, post-weld heat treatment of steel structures, and post-weld heat treatment of boiler main steam pipelines.

  • Other applications

  Air-cooled induction heating system can be used for heating steam generators, heating engineering, drying of industrial products, heating of reaction axes, heating of raw materials for chemical production, etc.

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