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Induction Shrink Fitting Machine

1. Digital induction shrink fitting machine.
2. Fast heating speed, uniform heat result.
3. Energy-saving up 30%-80%.
4. Working environment is cleaner.
5. Direct manufacturer, reliable price.

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Technical parameters of induction shrink fitting machine

KQDC Series Induction Shrink fitting machine
Model KQDC-30 KQDC-40
Input current 1-45A 1-60A
Output current 0-100A 0-150A
Output power 1-30KW 1-40KW
Ouput frequency 2-15KHZ 2-15KHZ
Thermocouple K Type K Type
Temperature controller built-in built-in
Heating temperature 0-300℃ 0-300℃
Weight 26KG 29KG
Induction coil(heat-resisting 300℃)
Size Cord induction coil: 40-50M. Belt induction coil: 1000 * 300; ; 2000 * 300; 3000 * 300. Fillet weld induction coil: 1000*(150+150); 2000 * (150 + 150). 3000 * (150 + 150). Round coil. Other specifications and sizes of heating coil.
Welding bead length 100-4000mm
Preheated weld type Pipeline girth weld, steel plate straight weld, steel structure fillet weld, groove weld, plane, girth surfacing, and other irregular weld preheating.
Induction Shrink Fitting Machine 4 jpg KETCHAN Induction Induction Shrink Fitting Machine

Induction shrink fitting machine main applications

  • Weld preheating / post-welding heat preservation: pipeline, steel plate, steel structure, pressure vessel, etc.
  • Induction shrink fitting: hot disassembly and hot assembly of rotors such as bushing, turbine, motor, and coupling.
  • Medium heating: heat conduction oil, industrial water, hot water boiler, chemical reactor, hot air heating, etc.
  • The field of this induction shrink fitting machine involves petroleum, petrochemical, aerospace, shipbuilding, steel, boiler, ship, pressure vessel, steel frame structure, railway, bridge, mine construction, automobile manufacturing, nuclear power, mining industry, and so on.

Machine structures

  The complete induction shrink fitting machine consists of induction heating power supply, induction heating coil, thermocouple and heating blankets.

Induction shrink fitting machine main features:

  • Air cooling: avoid the inconvenience caused by low ambient temperature and water cooling.
  • Fast speed: Direct heating of metal parts, unlike resistance and flame heating heat transfer to the metal.
  • High efficiency: heat conversion efficiency up to 96%, through the insulation material heating metal, improve the utilization rate of heat energy.
  • Simple operation: PLC touch screen operation, start heating. Temperature controller control, is more accurate. Record and save the curves.

Induction shrink fitting machine configuration details:

No. Product name Model Quantity
1 Induction heating machine KQDC-20 1
KQDC-30 1
KQDC-40 1
2 Soft cable 40m 1
50m 1
60m 1
70m 1
3 Plane heating belt 10KW-800*260mm/300℃ 4
20KW-1600*260mm/300℃ 2
40KW-2400*260mm/300℃ 1
40KW-3200*260mm/300℃ 1
4 Angle seam heating belt 10KW-800*200mm/300℃
5 Thermocouple K thermocouple +2m cable 2
K thermocouple +5m cable 2
K thermocouple +10m cable 2
K thermocouple +15m cable 2
6 Thermal insulation blanket 900*600*30mm 2
1500*600*30mm 2
2000*600*30mm 2
7 Coil extension cord 5m 1
10m 1
15m 1
Memo: Can be customized for different workpiece and heating requirements. The soft coil is wound 22 meters apart at each end.
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