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Induction thermal conductive oil heater;
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How does a thermal oil boiler work?

  The frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating thermal oil boiler is a heat-conducting oil heating device that converts electrical energy into heat energy according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. The 50Hz AC power is converted into DC power through the internal rectification filter circuit, and then the DC power is converted into high-frequency high-voltage power with a frequency of 20-30KHz through the PWM control circuit. A high-speed charging current passing through the coil will generate a high-speed changing magnetic field, When the magnetic field lines in the magnetic field pass through the heated metal object, countless small eddy currents will be generated in the heated metal object, so that the heated metal object itself heats up at a high speed, and the heat transfer oil in the metal body is heated to the set temperature under the control of the sensor. At the same time, a layer of insulation cotton is wrapped on the surface of the boiler body, so that all the heat generated is used for production heating. So this heating method has a faster heating speed.

How to select suitable thermal oil boiler?

Model Heating power(kw)/(x104Kcal/h) Temperature range(℃) Control Precision(℃) High slot (L)
KQY-120 120 10 0-350 ±1 300
KQY-240 240 20
KQY-300 300 25
KQY-500 500 40

What is themal oil heater working process?

  • The thermal oil boiler is controlled by PLC, and the temperature control accuracy is ±1℃.
  • The Induction Heating Thermal Oil Boiler adopts a small diameter design to ensure the flow rate of the heat transfer oil so that the temperature of the liquid film will not exceed the high allowable liquid film temperature, which increases the service life of the heat transfer oil.
  • A solenoid valve is installed in the exhaust pipe of the high-level tank, which automatically closes when the heat-conducting oil in the high-level tank reaches 50 °C, which isolates the high-temperature heat-conducting oil from contact with the air so that the service life of the heat-conducting oil is longer.
  • The imported pressure transmitter is used to display the pressure on the touch screen and monitor it in real-time. When an abnormality occurs, it will automatically stop, making the boiler run more safely.
  • One key to start, the operation is simpler.

Why use Induction Heating Thermal Oil Boiler?

  • Durability: The intelligent automatic control can work continuously for more than 10,000 hours. All accessories adopt imported IGBT, and the super-thick 80mm thermal insulation layer has an excellent thermal insulation effect, no heat loss, and hot water can be maintained for a longer time.
  • Safety: The electromagnetic generator and the water storage tank of the electromagnetic heat-conducting oil furnace are two completely separated parts. The electromagnetic energy generated by the electromagnetic generator is transmitted to the inside of the tank to heat the water, so it is completely separated and uncharged.
  • Energy-saving type: First of all, the heated object can tell the heat by itself, so as to have the effect of heating, and at the same time greatly improve the thermal efficiency. Therefore, it is more energy-saving and energy-saving than ordinary electric water heaters. Secondly, the design makes the tank never freeze. Scale, further improve the energy saving effect, can adapt to wide voltage work, 220V-380V rapid heating, full use of electric energy, compared with ordinary water heaters, energy saving and water saving can reach 20%-30%, thermal efficiency is as high as 98%, exceeding the industry standard, Once again play an energy saving effect.
  • No scale formation: due to the oscillation of the high-speed changing magnetic field, the scale cannot be generated and adhere to the inside of the tank, which protects the tank and improves the water quality.
  • No waste gas: This workshop does not produce harmful gas, consumes no oxygen, and does not affect the surrounding environment. It is a non-polluting green product. Compared with gas, gas equipment consumes oxygen.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: It is convenient to install in the workshop, with water and electricity. Our company will send special after-sales personnel to debug and install, and train 1-2 operators. Water can be added in multiple ways, and there will be no scaling after long-term use.
  • Easy to use: easy installation, simple operation, intelligent automatic control, can reserve heating, fixed temperature heating, according to the customer’s work time and get off work time, freely set the heating time and heating temperature, once again play an energy-saving effect, can work continuously.

What is the application fields of Induction Heating Thermal Oil Boiler?

  Induction Heating Thermal Oil Boiler heater is mainly used in the petrochemical, food, plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical, grease materials, building materials industry, textile printing and dyeing, and other industries, it is a new type of ideal induction fluids heating equipment.

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