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Induction Heating Since 2000

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Induction Heating Characteristics

  • The heating temperature is high, and it is non-contact heating.
  • High heating efficiency.
  • The heating speed is fast.
  • The temperature is easy to control.
  • It can be heated locally.
  • Easy to realize automatic control.
  • The working environment is good, with almost no noise and dust.
  • The work occupies less land and the production efficiency is high.
  • It can heat workpieces with complex shapes.
  • The workpiece is easy to heat evenly, and the product quality is good.
  • The solution has an electromagnetic stirring effect during smelting. The composition of the molten metal can be adjusted evenly, the temperature of the solution is uniform, and no local high temperature occurs. Less metal burning loss is more important for smelting rare metals.

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Gears Hardened by induction heating

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