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Cutting Tool Induction Brazing Machine

  The cutting tool’s high-frequency induction brazing equipment adopts a split structure. In the split type equipment, the high-frequency induction brazing power supply (main body) and the high-frequency transformer (extension) are separated, and the connection between the main and the extension is 2 meters long, and the longest can reach 6 meters. It can be used in workplaces with the poor environment, and the induction machine’s main body can be enclosed in a clean space, greatly reducing the maintenance rate of the host and increasing the reliability of the equipment; It is also used in assembly line operations or complete sets of equipment. Small extensions take up less table space and are easy to move.

Cutting Tool Induction Brazing Machine 1

Cutting Tool Induction Brazing Machine Features:

  • The induction brazing equipment adopts IGBT power devices and unique frequency conversion technology, which operates stably and provides higher reliability and durability;
  • With constant current and constant power control functions, the heating process of metal is optimized to a large extent, efficient and fast heating is realized, and the advantages of the product are fully exerted;
  • Under the same conditions, it has the effect of twice the high frequency power saving than the traditional electronic tube;
  • It has a full-load design and can work continuously for 24 hours. It can be equipped with infrared temperature measurement to realize automatic temperature control and improve heating quality.
  • It has various status displays such as overcurrent, overvoltage, lack of water, phase loss, load discomfort, etc., providing higher reliability and durability;
  • The machine has independently adjustable heating time, holding time, and cooling time, which can effectively control the heating curve and heating temperature to a certain extent; it is used for workpiece heating and rapid heating with high repeatability; When used in induction brazing, the combination of rapid heating and heat preservation can not only achieve rapid heating but also maintain heat when the solder is melted, so that the solder can be fully spread.

Main Technical Parameter:

  • Input power:40KW
  • Input voltage: Three phases 380V,50Hz/60Hz
  • Operating voltage range: 340-430V
  • Oscillating frequency: 30—80KHZ
  • Output current: 400-1800A
  • Time setting: With timing function 1-99S
  • Water temperature protection point: 400C
  • Cooling water requirements: 0.06Mpa—0.12Mpa 7.3 L/min

Cutting tool induction brazing machine applications:

  1. Induction brazing welding of diamond tools, abrasive tools, drilling tools, alloy saw blades, and cemented carbide;
  2. Induction brazing welding of turning tools, milling cutters, reamers, planers, woodworking drills, etc.;
  3. Induction brazing welding of diamond saw blades, alloy saw blades and drilling tools;
  1. Induction brazing welding of drill bits, coal drill bits, riveting rod bits, and picks;
  2. Quenching treatment of auto parts and motorcycle parts;
  3. Heat treatment of pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, axes, etc.
Cutting Tool Induction Brazing Machine 3
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