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Induction Forging Machine

1. PLC controlled induction forging machine.
2. Intelligent DSP digital control technology.
3. Automatic induction forging system.
4. Energy saving and environmental protection.
5. One key operation, multiple languages switch.
6. Provide overseas installation training guidance.

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Why use induction forging machine?

  In the induction forging machine working heating forging process, there is a certain difference in the heating rate between the surface and the core of the round steel billets. If this kind of heating temperature difference is large enough, the surface of the round steel billet may melt, and the round steel core is not heated to the forging process temperature requirement, which is commonly known as the round steel core black core situation. In order to ensure the uniform temperature difference of the whole round steel section.In the design of the induction forging furnace for forging round steel, there must be a homogenizing heating process for round steel to ensure that the temperature difference of the round steel core surface meets the technological requirements. This requires a special design method on the heating coil of the forged round steel induction furnace, to ensure the homogenization of the round steel during the induction heating process, so as to obtain good heating characteristics.

What induction forging machine features?

  • KETCHAN induction forging furnace adopts medium frequency induction resonance power control, non-contact heating, heating workpiece evenly, fast temperature rise;
  • Well-designed forged round steel induction furnace inductor, high heating efficiency, fast heating speed;
  • The whole or part of the round steel can be heated according to the user’s process, and the heating process is much more flexible and convenient.
  • Induction forging furnace does not produce harmful gases or objects, low energy consumption;
  • Adopt cylinder automatic pushing device, fast and easy to operate.
  • Induction forging furnace energy-saving effect is good, energy-saving more than 10%, harmonic pollution is very less.
  • The equipment runs stably, the service life is long, the heating temperature is stable, and the core surface temperature difference is small.
  • Reasonable design of induction forging equipment, compact structure, cover a smaller area.
  • For workpieces with complex shapes, ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN electric can also customize the inductor, forging round steel induction equipment is also suitable for different billets heating forging processes.
  • The round steel induction forging machine adopts the new design to treat the round steel without deformation and crack.
  • Round steel can be heated quickly by the induction forging furnace so that round steel can obtain the required temperature in a very short time, so there is very little oxide skin.
  • It is easy to realize mechanization and automation, controlled by PLC man-machine interface, saving labor and improving production efficiency.
  • The induction forging furnace supports automatic and manual operation.  Support 24 hours continuous operation.
  • The round steel induction forging furnace is equipped with a two-color infrared thermometer, a real-time display of heating temperature.

What is induction forging machine composition?

  ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN induction forging furnace is mainly used for all kinds of different material billets heating forging process. The induction forging power consumption is 300-350 units for each ton of material, to heat the steel billets to 1200 degrees. The complete induction forging furnace system includes the following parts

  • Medium frequency induction heating power supply.
  • Material feeding device: stepped plate material feeding + chain conveying + cylinder pushing.
  • Material discharging device: Temperature measurement + three sorting system + fast material discharging. The material sorting system consists of infrared temperature measurement, chain transmission, and a guide cylinder.
  • The Control system is with Siemens PLC control system. The automatic feeding, heating, and discharge sorting process can be automatically controlled.

What service we can get from ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN?

  • The medium frequency induction forging furnace warranty period is 12 months.
  • We provide overseas technical installation and technical training.
  • The complete induction heating system match with the water cooling system to ensure that the complete forging process has enough cooling capacity.
  • We can design different induction forging systems as per different heating parts details and technical requests.
  • We have strong induction forging team to ensure that we can fast help you to find a suitable induction forging furnace technical proposal and quotation.
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