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Induction Preheating Machine

1. IGBT air cooled induction preheating machine.
2. Output power upto 100% start rate.
3. With full air cooled electric circuit.
4. Precision temperature controller.
5. Can customize all kinds of different induction coils.

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  ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN air cooled induction preheating machine adopts a medium frequency induction heating power supply as the innovative full air cooling structure. Under the DSP digital control condition, the power component IGBT always works in the Zero current switch state. Its automatic self-start functions ensure the machine can continue running without failures.

  • Air cooled induction preheating machine is with the temperature control system, real-time constant temperature, monitoring heating temperature at any time, more intelligent.
  • The induction preheating machine does not need to pass water, but the coil part can be cooled. Advantages of the air cooler: it solves the customer’s water problem, and will not cause the fault caused by scale and water plugging.
  • IGBT power module, its own power consumption is very low and energy saving.
  • Adopt soft switch series resonance and frequency modulation inverter power regulating circuit, simple and practical.
  • The output transformer can easily match the load impedance and isolate the high voltage network electricity for safe operation.
  • The circuit is simple and reliable and can be conveniently paralleled to produce high power capacity.
  • 100% full power design, and can work 24 hours without interruption.
  • Small volume, for customers to save production space.
  • The induction preheating machine is suitable for workpiece annealing, non-ferrous metal diathermy forming, welding, etc.

Why Choose KETCHAN induction preheating machine?

  • KETCHAN induction preheating machine with digital IGBT soft switch technology.
  • Air cooled induction preheating machine is with full air cooled structure, not only can improve the heating efficiency, but also no water scale blockage problems.
  • Machine with stable running experience, more durable service life.
  • Fast learning the user’s technical requests and giving the related quotation sheet.
  • We provide the free induction heating workpieces samples heating tests.
  • Perfect self-protection functions, like over current, over voltage, over-temperature, short circuit, etc.
  • Modular user-friendly and convenient design — alarm and fault event recording function.
  • Perfect after-sales service, faster to help our users find suitable induction preheating machine solutions.
Induction Preheating Machine Applications jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Induction Preheating Machine

What is KETCHAN service?

  • Pre-sales: According to the technical details provided by the customer, we suggest and do the suitable induction preheating machine technical solutions and quotations for the users, then we will talk together to get the suitable commercial induction preheating technical proposals.
  • In-sales: We will invite you to come to our factory and inspect the induction preheating machines meanwhile we will do some technical guidance and do some videos and pictures to help you do a better understanding of our induction machines.
  • After-sales: Our warranty period is 1 year. Once the machines are in your factory, we will guide you on how to install the induction machines in your factory and also help you to train your operator on how to operate and how to maintain the induction machines.
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