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Ultra high Frequency Hardening Machine

1. IGBT ultra high frequency hardening machine.
2. Easy to install and operate.
3. Fast heating speed, low power consumption.
4. Strictly control the hardening temperature.
5. We are a manufacturer with CE, SGS, and ISO.

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What is ultra high frequency hardening machine working principle?

  Ultra high frequency hardening machine principle is by using high frequency alternating current flow is curled up into a coil of the conductor (usually made in copper tubes) the resulting magnetic beam, place the heated metal in, the magnetic beam will be well versed in the metal body, produce eddy current rotation (current), induced current under the influence of eddy current heating, this heating mode is the induction heating. 

  Simply say that: an electric current applied to a metal object heats it in a non-contact state.  Using the principle of electromagnetic induction to produce instant high temperature where the heated body needs to be heated, this heating method has high heating efficiency, so modern production has been greatly improved. 

Why select ultra high frequency hardening machine?

  • Ultra high frequency hardening machine can match with CNC hardening machine tool to heat all kinds of different parts with different programs.
  • Adopt IGBT module, energy-saving: with electronic tube type energy-saving 30%, compared with SCR if energy saving 20%;
  • Good effect: heating is very uniform (can also be adjusted by adjusting the density of the induction coil, so that each part of the workpiece obtains the temperature they need), fast heating, less oxide layer, no waste after annealing;
  • Fast heating speed: ultra high frequency hardening machine with no oxidation layer, small deformation;
  • Small size: split structure, lightweight, easy to move and install;
  • Environmental protection: no pollution, noise, and dust;
  • Strong adaptability: can heat a variety of workpieces;
  • Temperature and heating time can be precisely controlled, with high processing quality.
  • Full protection: with overpressure, over current, overheating, water shortage and other alarm indicators, and automatic control and protection.

What is ultra high frequency hardening machine application?

  ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN’s ultra high frequency hardening machine is mainly used for all kinds of different metal parts induction heat treatment, induction forging, and induction brazing welding applications. But in total, normally used in the following fields.

  • Induction heat treatment industries
  1. All kinds of steam and motorcycle with high-frequency hardening heat treatment, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, camshaft, valve, all kinds of gears in the gearbox, all kinds of forks, all kinds of spline shaft, transmission half shaft, all kinds of small shaft crankpin, all kinds of rocker’s arm, rocker arm shaft and other ultrahigh-frequency hardening heat treatment.
  2. Hardware tools, such as vice, hammer, pliers, wrenches, high-frequency quenching heat treatment.
  3. Hydraulic components such as plunger pump plunger, rotor pump rotor, a variety of valves on the reversing shaft, gear pump gear, and other high-frequency quenching. 4. All kinds of power tools gear shaft ultrahigh-frequency hardening heat treatment.
  • Induction forging industries
  1. The steel plate is heated and bent into shape.
  2. Induction forging forming of standard fasteners.
  3. Induction forging hardware tools, such as pliers, wrenches, and other heating diathermy molding.
  4. Exploration drill rod-cone shank extrusion.
  5. Induction forging forming of steel tubes such as bends.
  • Induction Brazing Welding
  1. Welding of carbide cutting tools. Such as turning tools, milling cutters, and reamers.
  2. Welding of the diamond tooltip. Such as diamond saw blades, grinding tools, and sawtooth welding. Drilling bit welding for prospecting, such as drill bit, and claw bit welding.
  3. Induction brazing copper tube, brass fittings.
ultra high frequency hardening machine applications jpg KETCHAN Induction Ultra high Frequency Hardening Machine

How to choose the suitable induction hardening machine frequency range?

  ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN’s ultra high frequency hardening machine is mainly used for the small hardening depth workpiece heat treatment jobs. Normally according to different power and frequency levels, choose different induction heating machines. The less hardening depth, the higher the frequency level should choose. The more hardening depth, the lower the frequency level should be.

  • Medium frequency induction heating machine: 1-20KHZ
  • High frequency induction heating machine:20-80KHZ
  • Ultrahigh frequency induction heating machine:80-500KHZ.

Why choose ZHENGZHOU KETCHAN's induction hardening machine?

  • R&D and innovation capabilities: We have more than 30 engineer team, and most of them has been in the induction heat treatment field for more than 20 years experience.
  • Manufacturing capacity: We have more than 5000 square meters and match all kinds of modern advanced induction production workshops.
  • We are manufacturer: We are the end manufacturer of the ultra high frequency hardening machine. Can guarantee the timely delivery time. Well, control the production quality.
  • One-stop service: We provide pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services.
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