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Aluminum Induction Brazing

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High frequency induction aluminum induction brazing machine.


  Due to the particularity of high-frequency welding of aluminum, we have designed a special power supply for high-frequency brazing of aluminum. It is designed to improve the success rate and pass rate of aluminum metal high frequency welding. The high-frequency aluminum welding machine power supply has higher control accuracy, and the power output fluctuation can be stably controlled at 3/1000, which is especially suitable for thin-walled parts or workpieces that are sensitive to temperature. In order to improve the heating accuracy, we also specially customized the machined induction brazing tool to help improve the heating accuracy of the whole aluminum induction brazing system.

Technical Parameters


High frequency aluminum induction brazing machine

Control mode

DSP digital controlled

Working model

Manual, automatic, temperature controller

Number of heating current setting segments

5-32 pieces

Workpiece parameter storage Settings

10 pieces

Working status display content

Time, current, frequency, current time curve

Alarm interface

Lack water, over current, over voltage, lack phase, overload.

Output power


Output frequency


Input voltage

380V±10%  50/60Hz

Automation choice

  High frequency induction brazing machine, because of its uniform brazing result, clean working environment, and lower cost. It is widely used in automatic induction brazing systems. According to the user’s brazing parts details, we can design and do different automation level aluminum brazing systems. Zhengzhou KETCHAN technical team is expecting to hear your news for sharing more.


  Aluminum induction brazing machine is mostly used for induction brazing of automotive evaporator aluminum tubes, induction brazing of aluminum distributors, aluminum plates, aluminum tubings, aluminum pipes, aluminum fittings, etc.

Aluminum Induction Brazing applications

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