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HVAC Induction Brazing Machine

1. Automated HVAC induction brazing machine.
2. Fast brazing speed, suitable for mass production.
3. Intelligent design, high control precision.
4. Digital control interface, perfect protection function.
5. HVAC part brazing result is perfectly uniform.
6. High automation level, wide applications.

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What is KETCHAN HVAC induction brazing machine?

  Zhengzhou KETCHAN Electronic Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise which combine research and development, design, production, and sales in one for more than 20 years, these years, we take induction brazing as our research direction, and our products range covers induction heating machine power supply,automated induction heating system and industrial robot research and applications, we have got hundreds of core induction heating patents these years. And developed series of star HVAC induction brazing machines which are widely used in the Panasonic, Midea, Hisense, Haier, Aux, Gree famous international HVAC parts manufacturing factories.

  • Portable HVAC induction brazing machine
  • Turntable induction brazing machine
  • Linear table induction brazing machine
  • Double stations induction brazing systems.

How to choose the suitable HVAC induction brazing machine?

  In the past 20 years, we have supplied thousands of our automated HVAC induction brazing systems for the HVAC accessories manufacturing factories and served thousand of HVAC/R users. According to our users’ feedback news, we are keeping updates our HVAC induction brazing machines always, now we have updated 5 generations. So now the functions of our induction brazing system are perfect with fast heating brazing speed, especially suitable for mass productions. Below I list some of our star induction brazing systems and also their application ranges.

  • Portable handheld induction brazing machine: It is match 5-20m cables and has a light handheld induction head, it is suitable for HVAC parts induction brazing, welding, hardening, melting, annealing, and tempering all kinds of metal parts.
  • Turntable HVAC induction brazing machine: We can customize different HVAC induction brazing machine working stations as per the user’s brazing production volume requests. Mostly we do is 40 stations, 20 stations, 16 stations, 12 stations, and 4 stations with HVAC induction brazing systems.
  • Linear table HVAC induction brazing machine: Mechanical chain transmission, according to the process requirements to adjust the transmission speed; Can complete the brazed parts loading feeding, welding, cooling, and unloading the full set of processes on the same equipment;
  • Double stations HVAC induction brazing machine: Double stations using PLC as the control center, simple and convenient operation; One worker can operate 2 stations at the same time, which can greatly improve the heating brazing efficiency.
HVAC Induction Brazing Machine application 2 jpg KETCHAN Induction HVAC Induction Brazing Machine
HVAC Induction Brazing Machine application 1 jpg KETCHAN Induction HVAC Induction Brazing Machine

What is KETCHAN HVAC induction brazing machine applications?

  In the HVAC/R manufacturing industries, according to users’ different applications, we suggest different induction brazing systems.

  • Handheld induction brazing machine: It is suitable for all kinds of HVAC parts induction brazing projects, including copper tubes, copper pipes, aluminium pipes, brass fittings, valves induction braze welding.
  • Turntable induction brazing machine: The open-end induction coil is suitable for induction brazing copper pipe, filter, distributor tail pipe, air conditioning and refrigeration valve within 16mm. Closed induction brazing coil is suitable for straight pipe, the height within 100mm of the pipeline parts welding, such as single joint, solenoid valve, leakage valve, etc induction brazing solutions.
  • Linear table induction brazing machine: It is suitable for the induction brazing process of air conditioning refrigeration valve, air conditioning piping, solar energy fittings, globe valve, stainless steel, brass, copper products refrigerator freezer piping, one-way valve, pilot valve, shunter, hardware tools, lamp fittings and so on.
  • Double stations induction brazing machine: It is suitable for induction brazing welding of air-conditioning and refrigeration accessories, such as pipe joint, distributor tailpipe, solenoid valve, and other accessories. It is also suitable for induction welding brass, copper and stainless steel joints with straight pipes at the upper end and within 100mm;

  In total, we want to say the above HVAC induction brazing machines are all customized induction heating systems. Due to the variety of air conditioning accessories, the needs of various manufacturers are different, and the final induction brazing system form and function maybe not the same.We would be appreciated if you can leave your messages about your brazing parts details, so that we can do the most suitable and commercial HVAC induction brazing system technical quotations for your choice. Thanks.

HVAC Induction Brazing Machine application 4 jpg KETCHAN Induction HVAC Induction Brazing Machine
HVAC Induction Brazing Machine application 3 jpg KETCHAN Induction HVAC Induction Brazing Machine
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