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Disc Part CNC Hardening Machine

1. Disc part CNC hardening machine for gears parts.
2. For overall hardening and tooth by tooth heating.
3. With indexing plate for large disc part hardening.
4. Can customize multi-working stations.
5. Siemes/Fanuc CNC control system.
6. We are a direct manufacturer with CE, and SGS.

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What is Disc Part CNC Hardening Machine?

  Disc part CNC hardening machine is a kind of induction heat treating system mainly used for disc part induction hardening jobs, the hardening purpose is to make the supercooled austenite martensite or bainite transformation, get martensite or bainite structure, and then with different temperature tempering, in order to greatly improve the strength, hardness, wear resistance, fatigue strength and toughness of steel, so as to meet the various mechanical parts and tools different hardening requirements.
  In order to meet the different gear induction hardening results, we customized the complete gear induction hardening system, including an induction hardening power supply, CNC hardening machine tool and closed-loop water cooking system to realize the automated gear hardening requests.
  This disc part CNC hardening machine is very suitable for automotive industry tooth ring induction quenching and camshaft parts induction quenching, it can do double stations CNC hardening machine tool to realize gear ring parts profile copying quenching. Gear ring induction quenching machine is suitable for single and batch parts production, reasonable structure, complete function, safe and convenient to operate.

Disc Part CNC Hardening Machine 7 jpg The Leading Induction Heating Machine Manufacturer Disc Part CNC Hardening Machine

What is Disc Part CNC Hardening Machine Features?

  • Structure: vertical (shaft parts induction quenching) + horizontal (gear ring parts induction quenching).
  • Rotation speed: shaft station: 20-150r/min; Gear ring: 10-110r/min continuously adjustable.
  • Maximum clamping length: shaft class (length 800mm, maximum loading weight: 100kg); Gear ring type (diameter 1000mm, weight 200kg).
  • Feeding speed: 0-30mm/s continuously adjustable.
  • High strength welding bed body, and aging treatment.
  • Stainless steel (pneumatic/manual, single/double) spring tip and all stainless steel self-centering claws.
  • Match with induction hardening transformer.
  • Each waterway is provided with electric contact water pressure protection, and all interfaces adopt quick change joints.
  • Rotary operation box, sound and light fault alarm, display Chinese alarm information.
  • The workpiece holding length is electrically adjusted.
  • Machine structure: Induction welding/casting.
  • Rotary control mode: frequency converter/stepper motor/AC servo motor.
  • Electric control: PLC/ touch screen +PLC/808D/828D/840DSL.
  • Workpiece moving slide adjustment: manual adjustment/automatic adjustment.
  • Workpiece moving motor: reducer motor/stepper motor/AC servo motor.
  • Match with IGBT induction heating machine power supply.
  • Customize different Disc Part CNC hardening machines as per different induction heat treatment workpieces.

What is Disc Part CNC hardening machine applications?

  The Disc part CNC hardening machine has functions of continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, piecewise continuous quenching, and piecewise simultaneous quenching. This CNC induction hardening machine can be used for induction hardening gears and shafts. Match with high frequency, medium frequency, ultrahigh frequency induction heating machine.We can customize different induction hardening systems according to different users’s different applications, the operation is simple.

  This disc part CNC hardening machine tool has the automated and manual operation functions. It is widely suitable for gears, gear rings, disc type parts, gear shaft (straight shaft, camshaft, crankshaft, gear shaft, etc.), sleeve/ring/disc, machine tool, guide rail, plane, ball, and other machinery (automobile, motorcycle) parts surface induction heat treatment projects.

How to do disc part hardening process?

  Gear high-frequency special disc part CNC quenching machine, first place the workpiece on the quenching machine tray, the machine automatically grab the workpiece to the induction heating coil position, the induction hardening equipment automatically heating, when heating to the workpiece quenching temperature. It automatically separated and automatically finishes the quenching process, it is very easy to use.

How to select Disc part CNC hardening machine?

Model/Data KQCL-1050 KQCL-1550 KQCL-2550 KQCL-350 KQCL-450
Max. height(mm) 800 800 800 800 800
Swing diameter(mm) 1000 1500 2500 3000 4000
Weight(kg) 2000 3000 5000 10000 10000
Indexing method Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Rotation speed(rpm) 10~100 10~100 10~100 10~100 10~100

Memo: The above disc part CNC hardening machine is the standard machine tool. We can customize different hardening machines as per different heat treatment workpieces, so drawings and technical requests will be better. Thanks.

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