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Induction Brazing HVAC Refrigeration distributor

Zhengzhou Ketchan doubles stations induction brazing machine is mainly used for induction brazing HVAC refrigeration distributors copper tubes, AC compressor pipes, condenser copper pipes, heat exchanger u-bends, four-ways valves, etc.

  In the last 20 years, we have served thousands of HVAC industry users both in China and abroad. And the main features of our induction brazing system are as follows:

  • In terms of quality: eliminate the hidden danger of welding blockage, improve the qualification rate of first-time brazing of products, and improve the appearance of welds.
  • Efficiency: high-frequency induction brazing is more than 30% more efficient than manual welding, efficient and fast.
  • In terms of cost: because the solder is adjusted from a welding rod to a welding ring, and the landing backflushing of the solder is realized, the cost of the solder is reduced, and the cost of raw materials is saved for the enterprise, and the input cost can be recovered in the short term after production.
  • Both the double stations are protected by nitrogen, and the nitrogen flow of the two stations can be adjusted separately, and the nitrogen flow can be adjusted through the flow adjustment switch.
  • Adopt English touch screen, can adjust all the process parameters of the production process, have the ability to store and extract the actual output process parameters, and monitor the process parameters at the same time.
  • The control system has an alarm device. When the machine fails, it will give an alarm in time. The machine will automatically display and store the error information, and the alarm information can be queried.
  • A communication port is reserved for the machine, which is convenient for subsequent machine automation information management work.
  • Tooling positioning can be adjusted in the X, Y, and Z three-axis.

Note: This automated double station induction brazing machine is a double-station distributor high-frequency induction welding machine independently developed and produced by our company. It comes with water cooling, air cooling, and nitrogen protection, and the three-axis position and direction are adjustable, which saves labor costs for enterprises. The welding time is more perfect and efficient than the previous traditional welding.
  In total, Zhengzhou Ketchan’s double station induction brazing machine is mainly suitable for induction brazing air-conditioning and refrigeration accessories, such as pipe joint, distributor tailpipe, solenoid valve, and other accessories. It is also suitable for induction welding of brass, copper, and stainless steel joints with straight pipes at the upper end and within 100mm.

   For more information, please let us know your brazing parts details and leave a message to us, so that we can quote you accordingly.

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