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Portable Induction Brazing Heater

1. PLC controlled portable induction brazing heater.
2. Small volume, easy to move.
3. Can 24 hours continue working.
4. Suitable for complex induction brazing conditions.
5. Widely used in the HVAC copper tube brazing.

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Why Choose KETCHAN portable induction brazing heater?

  • Portable induction brazing heater with full air cooling inverter technology, induction brazing power supply without water in the cabinet;
  • Induction brazing power supply with an average trouble-free operation time of more than 6 years;
  • Full digital man-machine exchange control and display portable induction brazing heater power supply;
  • Induction brazing power supply is as light as pistol drill (minimum 1.2kg);
  • The induction brazing power supply with high speed PID without overshoot is capable of 0.7S constant temperature control;
  • Induction brazing power supply with 360 degrees without dead angle protection measures (such as water flow, short circuit, etc.);
  • The induction brazing power supply is suitable for brazing, quenching, etc.
  • Special user design and tailored portable induction brazing heater power supply.
Portable Induction Brazing Heater jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Portable Induction Brazing Heater

What is Ketchan portable induction brazing heater application?

  • high frequency portable induction brazing heater is used for induction welding of steel to steel, steel to copper, copper to copper equivalent or dissimilar metals.
  • All kinds of carbide cutters, diamond saw blades, cutting tools, drilling tools, cutting tools welding;
  • Other metal materials composite induction brazing welding; For example, lap welding of copper plate parts for electric power, welding of different kinds of special-shaped metal parts for air conditioning compressors, contact welding, etc.
  • Especially solve all kinds of metal pipe fitting welding, and welding requirements are more strict welding occasions: such as heater piece welding, stainless steel pipe T-shaped welding, ternary alloy connector welding, and copper lap induction welding.
Portable Induction Brazing Heater Applications jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Portable Induction Brazing Heater

3. Ketchan portable induction brazing heater technical features

  • Simple operation: Intelligent digital design, has induction heating, heat preservation, and cooling functions, one minute can learn well to operate.
  • Imported component: All of our portable induction brazing heaters are with international brand, to ensure the induction heaters work more stable and durable.
  • Customized induction heating coil: We can customize the induction heating coils as per different heating applications.
  • Leading induction heater manufacturers: We are one of the leading induction heating machine manufacturers, dedicated to providing customized induction heating solutions for each of our users.
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