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Portable Induction Heating Machine

1. Portable induction heating machine with 5m cables.
2. With PLC controller can display all the data.
3. Handheld heater with industrial chiller.
4. Fast heating speed, easy movement.
5. Mainly used in HVAC fields.

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What is Ketchan portable induction heating machine?

  KQY3 portable induction heating machine adopts a parallel resonant circuit, the heating head(we call the induction heating coil) is equipped with the capacitor, directly resonant with the induction coils, this is the highest heating efficiency of the portable induction heating machine structure.

  The KQY3 portable induction heating machine uses the most advanced parallel resonance technology and operates at working frequencies between 30 and 50KHZ. High frequencies help reduce the volume and weight of the induction heating head for easy operation. KQY3 induction heating head does not need a full sealing structure, resonant voltage is only 550V, and the working reliability of the heating head is greatly improved. This structure is our best-selling portable induction heating machine product, is your first choice of hand-held induction brazing machine.

What are the portable induction heating machine applications?

  • Air conditioning industry, a portable induction heating machine is mainly used for the online copper pipe induction brazing welding process.
  • Induction welding transformer copper joint on-site.
  • Heat correction of ship planks.
  • Heat the metal surface to remove the paint.
Portable Induction Heating Machine Application jpg webp KETCHAN Induction Portable Induction Heating Machine

How to choose a suitable portable induction heating machine?

  However, due to the great difference in magnetic induction performance of heating materials, different heating requirements, and different shapes, and sizes of induction heating coils, the portable induction heating machine needs to make corresponding adjustments to achieve a good heating effect. KQY is a customized portable induction heating machine for different heating purposes. It is only suitable for customized induction coils and products and can be used for heating close induction coils and close workpieces at most. Therefore, when ordering the related portable induction brazing machine, you need to provide us with the corresponding detailed information:

  • The heating parts material, shape, size, and pictures.
  • The heating purpose, heating temperature, and the heating time requests.

What’s the portable induction heating machine advantage?

  KQY3 customized portable induction heating machine is widely used in different fields at present, because of its energy-saving, small and light induction heating head advantages has been widely used in various heating fields, especially for multi-joint robot hand and automatic mechanism for the leading heating production line.

  • The portable induction heating machine heating head is smaller and lighter. It is very suitable for the operator to handle.
  • The induction heating coil is durable, resistant to damage, and easy to maintain;
  • The portable induction heating machine heating head has one or multi capacitors, the cooling structure is simple, of good quality.
  • High heating speed, very energy-saving.
  • KQY3 portable induction heating machines are generally designed for specialized purposes, with a limited range of heating materials and induction heating coils.

Main configurations technical parameters

  This type of portable induction heating machine, power range is 3-300KW, and the customized frequency range is 5-300KHZ. Mainly includes the following parts:

  • Portable induction heating machine
  • Industrial chiller
  • Induction heating head
  • Induction heating coil
  • 5m flexible cables
  • Special crane jib

Business terms

  • Portable induction heating machine delivery time is in 7 working days after getting your payment.
  • The payment term is T/T.
  • Package: Plywood cases.
  • Certification: We have CE, SGS, and ISO2000 certifications.
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