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Induction brazing of Mining Cutting Picks

Induction brazing of Mining Cutting Picks 1

  Mining cutting picks refer to cutters used by mining machinery to cut coal and rock, including flat picks, conical picks, radial picks, tangential picks, etc. All of them can be brazed or heated with high frequency induction brazing machine.

How to braze the mining cutting picks with induction heating?

  The picks are placed on the chain drive equipment, and the picks are welded, quenched, and heated at the same time through a saddle-type open intermediate frequency induction heating brazing furnace at a constant speed at a set speed. (pick high frequency induction welding equipment).

Induction brazing of Mining Cutting Picks 4

  This kind of new process can avoid the problems caused by secondary heating in the traditional process: brazing surface oxidation, alloy embrittlement, annealing of the pick tip, and reduced welding strength.

Why use Ketchan Mining cutting picks induction brazing machine?

  • The comprehensive mechanical properties of the pick body are stable and the strength is high;
  • The welding seam is full and perfect, the appearance is beautiful, and the welding strength is high;
  • Save labor and time, only two people are required to load and unload the material and operate a complete set of induction brazing equipment;
  • Power saving, more than 30% power saving than traditional technology;
  • Improve efficiency: Different models can produce 4-6 finished picks per minute (determined according to different models of picks and equipment with different power);

Mining cutting tools induction heating brazing applications:

Induction brazing of Mining Cutting Picks 2
Induction brazing of Mining Cutting Picks 3
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