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Brass and Copper Induction Forging Furnace

  The extrusion temperature is usually between 400-600 ℃, and the extrusion temperature varies with different materials. The traditional heating method is resistance furnace heating, and the spindle is put into the furnace to slowly heat up through heat conduction. The brass and copper induction heating forging furnace makes the solder ingots self-heat through induction heating, the heating speed is fast, and the automatic feeding, pushing, and takt time adjustment can be realized.

Brass and Copper Induction Forging Furnace 1

  Induction heating forging is a metal heating technology that uses a high-frequency magnetic field to generate eddy currents inside the metal to heat and is one of the key energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies recommended by the country.

Induction Forging Furnace vs Resistance Furnace

Resistance Furnace

  For the brass & copper billets parts heating forging. The traditional heating method is usually resistance furnace heating, which has obvious disadvantages:

  • It is necessary to warm up a few hours in advance before work. For example, if you go to work at 8:00 in the morning, the workers will come to turn on the machine in the early morning;
  • High temperature, especially when the furnace cover is opened, the heat is rapidly radiated, causing the temperature of the surrounding working environment to be too high;
  • High-intensity labor, workers need to open the furnace cover, put the ingots into the furnace at the high temperature of the furnace, and take out the heated ingots, and so on;
  • Waste of energy, frequent opening of the furnace cover causes a lot of heat dissipation; equipment cannot be stopped during intermittent work, such as the resistance furnace must continue to heat during the noon break; thermal inertia is poor, and a large amount of heat remaining in the resistance furnace is wasted after getting off work in the afternoon.

  In order to improve the working environment and achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction, induction heating is one of the most suitable heating methods at present; its technological characteristics are:

  • The thermal inertia is good, no preheating is required, the heating can be carried out at any time, and there is no residual temperature when the heating is stopped.
  • To improve the working environment, the principle of induction heating is to let the workpiece heat itself without heat conduction, so there is no heat dissipation.
  • To reduce labor intensity, the induction heating furnace can realize automatic feeding and pushing, and the worker only needs to clamp the pushed-out spindle into the press at the discharge port.
  • Energy saving, environmental protection, induction heating can be used for instant heating, and there is no heat dissipation and residue, so it will not cause waste of energy.
Brass and Copper Induction Forging Furnace 2

  Zhengzhou Ketchan copper brass induction forging furnace is a turnkey project, that can also be used for induction heating forging of steel bar, brass bar, copper billet, etc. Welcome your inquiries for sharing more.

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