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Brazing of Turbo-Generator Rotors Copper Winding Turns

What are turbo-generator rotors copper winding turns brazing?

  Brazing copper winding turns on turbo-generator rotors is a process of joining the copper conductors of the rotor coils using a brazing alloy and heat. This process is used to repair or upgrade the generator rotor, which is the component that produces the magnetic field in a synchronous machine.

How to braze the rotor windings?

  • Positioning the brazing alloy in the joint area between two copper turns to be joined.
  • Heating the joint area with an induction heater until the brazing alloy melts and flows into the joint.
  • Cooling the joint area until the brazing alloy solidifies and forms a strong bond between the copper turns.
  • Repeating these steps for each joint area along the coil ends.

How often should I braze my rotor windings?

  You should inspect your rotor windings regularly for signs of wear, corrosion, contamination, shorted turns, or field grounds. These can affect the performance and reliability of your generator and may require brazing or other repairs.

  You should braze your rotor windings whenever you detect a problem that affects the electrical or mechanical integrity of the rotor coils. For example, if you find a loose or broken conductor, a cracked or missing brazing alloy, or a low-resistance joint.

  You should also braze your rotor windings when you perform a major overhaul or refurbishment of your generator rotor. This can help extend the life and efficiency of your rotor and prevent future problems.

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