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Induction Brazing of Automotive Air Conditioner Aluminum Fittings


  This paper proposes a high-frequency induction brazing method of automotive air conditioner aluminum fittings. In view of it, the technological process and operation method are proposed, the existing production process is improved, and the problem that the aluminum single-tube pressing plate is difficult to be induction brazed is solved.

induction brazing of automotive air conditioner aluminum fittings 1

Induction brazing Vs Flame Brazing:

  At present, the main method to solve the automobile air conditioning pipeline welding is through artificial flame welding, but artificial flame welding has high temperature, glare, noise, smoke, high-intensity labor and other shortcomings.And induction brazing can well solve these problems.

System Architecture Description:

  The induction brazing system consists of seven parts: chiller, induction heating power supply, transformer, output unit, positioning tooling, accessories, and post-weld cleaning.

  The basic working unit contains the chiller (mainly used for circulating cooling of the output unit and the main extension of the induction heating power supply), while the induction heating power supply, the extension and the output unit are a mature subsystems. When carrying out mass production, positioning tooling must be used, otherwise, the production requirements will not be met. Therefore, as long as there are chillers, induction power systems, and positioning tooling, production work can be carried out. For higher requirements, a complete set of high-frequency induction brazing solutions can be realized with the help of auxiliary equipment, such as infrared thermometers, and post-weld cleaning devices, such as ultrasonic cleaners.

Technical Process:

  Selection of induction brazing power source – selection of inductors – selection of solder fluxes – design of tooling positioning – selection of accessories – determination of welding parameters – cleaning after welding.

Induction brazing power supply:

  According to the pipe diameter and the size of the single tube platen in the figure, we choose the dedicated all-digital KQD-40 model as the induction brazing welding power source.

Induction brazing tool (Inductor) design:

  The bottom of the pressure plate is a flat solid aluminum joint, and the area is larger than that of the aluminum tube, and the wall thickness of the aluminum tube is relatively thin. In the case of absorbing the same energy, the joint generates less heat than the aluminum tube. The design of the inductor takes into account the uniform heating of the joint and the aluminum tube, i.e. the brazing temperature is reached at the same time. At the same time, it is necessary to consider how the workpiece is put in and taken out during the production process. Combining these two factors, an ellipse-like induction brazing tool with one inside and one outside is designed.

Selection of solder auxiliaries:

  Aluminum single tube fittings after the process department of our company to determine the use of flux-cored wire or self-brazed wire.

Tooling positioning design:

  Induction heating brazing is to place the welding part of the workpiece in an induction magnetic field for heating. The strength of the magnetic field in each magnetic field is different, and there is a high requirement for the positioning repeatability of the workpiece. Therefore, it is necessary to design corresponding tooling according to the specifications of each workpiece and combined with the welding process. Our company can provide induction brazing tooling design services.


  In this paper, through the description of 7 aspects of high-frequency induction brazing technology, material welding performance analysis, process status description, process flow, operation method, and energy consumption comparison of the veneer pressure plate in automobile air conditioning pipeline, it is difficult to carry out aluminum metal. For the problem of induction brazing, a solution based on all-digital induction heating technology, covering all links before, during, and after welding is proposed. And give detailed and effective data to prove that high-frequency induction brazing is superior to flame brazing in terms of environmental protection, energy consumption, and welding material consumption.

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