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Induction Brazing of Automotive Evaporator Aluminum Tube


  This paper proposes a high-frequency induction brazing method for the evaporator aluminum lead-out pipe in automobile air-conditioning parts. A technical process and an operation method are proposed for it, the existing production process is improved, and the problem that induction brazing is difficult for the outlet aluminum pipe of the evaporator is solved.


  Evaporator outlet pipe is a very common and important function accessory in automobile air conditioning pipe. This high frequency induction brazing machine is mainly for induction brazing of evaporator outlet aluminum pipes.

Induction Brazing of Automotive Evaporator Aluminum Tube 1

Induction Brazing Machine Model Choice:

  According to the pipe diameter and the size of the pressure plate in the single-tube pressure plate in the picture, we choose the dedicated all-digital KQD-40 model as the induction brazing welding power source.

Induction Brazing of Automotive Evaporator Aluminum Tube 2

Induction brazing tool section:

  Since most of the evaporator lead-out pipes are bent pipes, it is very inconvenient to use a closed inductor for clamping, so an open induction brazing tool is used.

Solder flux selection:

  The aluminum evaporator lead-out pipe is determined by our company’s process department to use flux-cored welding wire or self-brazing welding wire.

Technical conclusions:

  In this paper, through the description of 7 aspects of high-frequency induction brazing technology, material welding performance analysis, process status description, process flow, operation method, and energy consumption comparison of evaporator lead-out pipe in automobile air-conditioning pipeline, it is difficult to solve the problem of aluminum metal. For the problem of induction brazing, a solution based on all-digital induction heating technology, covering all links before, during and after welding is proposed. And give detailed and effective data to prove that high-frequency induction brazing is superior to flame brazing in environmental protection, energy consumption, welding material consumption and so on.

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